“We Are Going To Disappear” - The Last Kingdom in the Americas

A retrospective look at what it may mean for the Naso people to obtain an official region in the land of their ancestors.

On February 20th, 2019, the National Assembly approved the Law 656, which officially establishes the creation of a comarca - a regional district - for the Naso Tjér Di indigenous ethnic group. This territory, the sixth comarca in the Panamanian territory, is a physically-demarcated area under a regime of self-governance which recognizes the collectivity of land, their indigenous assemblies as a traditional body, the traditional authorities and their customs and traditions.

In November 2017 the Nativo project visited a Naso community and collected a testimony of their need for a legally-enforced autonomous territory.

Issues such as the decline of their culture, environmental impact and the recognition of their rights were crucial.

The debate about the implications of the concession of the lands to the Naso people, now with its region, continue today.

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