Ngäbe - Update along the Journey!

The Ngäbe (pronounced [ˈŋɔbe] ) people are the most numerous group (about 60%) of all the 7 native communities in Panama. They also hold the biggest territory of all the other indigenous populations, yet they often get out of their shire for better job opportunities and better life standards.

It is the case of the Ngäbe in Bocas del Toro.

If you have ever eaten imported Banana in the US or the EU it is quite possible that it comes from Panama, which currently cultivates around 6,000 Hectare of land for this fruit and in the next 5 years that number is expected to double. 

And the Ngäbe people, for the major part, are the ones behind the companies doing all the hard work regarding production and exporting.

These are some of the shots we gathered while spending a couple of days with them.

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