Against Climate Change for the Guna - Update along the Journey!

As we continue our journey across Panama to document what is happening within the different indigenous ethnic groups of the country, we are proud to announce that the NATIVO Project is now officially supporting the community of Guna Yala.

What is this all about?

As you might have read in our story about how climate change is deeply affecting the community in Guna Yala, the inhabitants of Gardí Sugdub (see aerial picture below) will be forced to leave their homes due to the unstoppable pace at which the sea is eroding the shores of the island. They are to be relocated into main land, at a still-under-construction site dubbed La Barriada.

They will be the first indigenous community in history to be forced to relocate due to Climate Change.

How is NATIVO going to support the Guna?

The Congress of the Community of Gardí Sugdub through its Commission for the transfer to La Barriada, and the General Council of Guna Yala consented to raise funds in favor of the community. Nativo Project, in partnership with Geoversity (formerly Earth Train Foundation) have signed an agreement with the local authorities. A copy of the signed agreement is to be seen at the bottom of this post.

By purchasing one of our prints here, or by becoming a donor here, you will be directly supporting the community.

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