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“We Are Going To Disappear” - The Last Kingdom in the Americas

On February 20th, 2019, the National Assembly approved Ley 656, which makes the Naso Tjér Di region official, the sixth ‘comarca’ in Panamanian territory.

The debate about the implications of the concession of the lands to the Naso people, now with its region, continue today.

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Against Climate Change for the Guna - Update along the Journey!

NATIVO and the Guna Yala community are now joint together in order to assist the people as they are forced to relocate to the mainland due to climate change.

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NATIVO Story #3 - Land Rights in the comarca Ngäbe-Buglé

In the third episode of the NATIVO Documentary we visit 3 communities in the comarca Ngäbe-Buglé affected by mining and damming: Llano Tugrí, Valle del Rey and Norteño.

These communities have been or will be impacted by intensive mining and damming for the development of energy plants, causing displacement of the population and violation of human rights.

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NATIVO Story #2 - Education in Guna Yala

In the second episode of the NATIVO Documentary we keep visiting the Gardi Sugdub island in Guna Yala, a district north-east of Panama City.

In a country surrounded by monoculturalism and linguistic homogeneity, their precarious schools are a symbol of resilience towards preserving their culture and language intact.

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NATIVO Story #1 - Climate Change in Guna Yala

Guna Yala is a peaceful community where agriculture, fishing and tourism coexist. The inhabited island where the Guna live are being impacted by serious issues that are undermining their way of living.

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Ngäbe - Update along the Journey!

The Ngäbe are the most numerous group of all the 7 native communities in Panama. We have visited the workers in the Banana industry in Changuinola.

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Guna Yala - Update along the Journey!

When was the last time you have been onto a sinking island? We are visiting Gardí Sugdub, an island inhabited by the Guna in the San Blas archipelago.

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Emberá Drua - Update along the Journey!

We met with the fascinating Emberá Drua near the Chagres river.

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