Make a Difference

We are committed to support the indigenous communities in Panama

This time we started a collaboration with the Geoversity Foundation (formerly Earth Train), a private non-profit foundation that for more than 17 years has been working hand-in-hand with the Guna General Congress, focusing on bio-cultural restoration in the Valle de Mamoní area, neighbor to the Comarca Guna Yala, to stop the usurpation of this national territory.

All funds raised from the purchase of our prints will go directly to support the move of Gardí Sugdub to its new location in the mainland area of: "La Barriada".

Any donation can also be made through the Geoversity (Earth Train) website, here, please insert “Nativo - Gardi Sugdub” on the message field.

You can read the details of signed the agreement (Spanish) to the right.