Seven different indigenous ethnic groups have lived in Panama for centuries. Nativo is a documentary project that talks about their traditions, lifestyle, challenges and achievements from a new perspective.

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Mixing art and photojournalism, the NATIVO Projects collects stories from the indigenous communities that inhabit Panama. With the combination of photography, video-documentary and storytelling, NATIVO takes a crucial step towards a better understanding of their cultures and the way they are challenged by western culture.



Indigenous collectives and other minority groups are often victims of multiple forms of discrimination and violation of human rights, while they struggle to preserve crucial aspects of their culture and traditions which are of immense value to them, but also to the rest of the world; as they tell the history of our planet.

By telling their stories and showing their realities, we can raise the sense of global awareness and contribute to creating a sense of solidarity and communion. We believe this is the first step in the quest to improve this situation that concerns us all, as citizens of this planet we call home.


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Nativo Project starts as with a spark of curiosity for knowing the reality about a community located on the outskirts of Panama City. A group of individuals that still today remains fighting against inequality and to improve their living conditions. Know more about NATIVO's origins.